GoPass Dine In



Table Management

• Managing and customizing table plan
• ​Checking table status  ​
• Customizing guest capacity
• Real-time update of table status

Payment Management​

• All payment types accepted, including credit, debit, checks, digital wallet, mobile, gift cards, etc,....​
• Contactless payments​
• Table-side self checkout ​
• Virtual terminal​
• QR code ​

Waitlist And Reservation Management ​

• Managing waitlist & reservations ​
• Real-time update through notifications
• ​Auto-contacting customers with updates
• Save customers' profile for future engagement

Reporting ​

• Real-time business report by day/week/month ​• All kinds of reports, including revenue, cash drawer, sales tax, audit reports, etc,...​
• On-the-go access from any mobile device

Order Management ​

• Both front and back of house order management, information sync and updates
• Customize items, categories and modifiers​
• Search for items by name, price, product code
• Online ordering integration and management


• Customer promotions,​
• Happy hours, special offer, etc
• Email campaign

Personal Tech/ Security Support​

• 24/7 support at your service

Tablet Option ​

• Android all-cloud based software​