Services: We Do More Than Consulting

At KDNY Systems, we focus on bringing our expertise to the food and catering industry. We specialize in merchant services, point-of-sale (POS) systems, online ordering, web design, and marketing services.

Marketing Results and Analytics

Web Design + Online Ordering

Online ordering is vastly popular especially in urban areas where all the hungry action takes place. Customers can easily fire up their choice of restaurant ordering app, and with a tap of a button, they can instantly place their order and see the results.

When it comes to restaurant businesses, we know it's important to have your own branding and presence in the food industry. With our web design services, we can transform your restaurant into a dedicated food portal and ordering platform.



Includes Website, Online Ordering, and Merchant services.



Includes Website, Online Ordering, Marketing, and Merchant services. It's the perfect package!



Includes Website, Online Ordering, and Marketing. Manager and monitor your Yelp, Facebook, and Google business. Plus SEO!